Professional Testimonials


Southern Solicitors

I write to confirm that I have for around 6 months carried out work for and on behalf of Fabrik Partners Limited and Fabrik Acquisitions Limited ('Fabrik')
I have always found these clients to be courteous, diligent and above all will do everything in their power to stand by promises given to third parties.
The management of the firm is pro-active when it comes to moving deals forward.
I have dealt with 9 transactions for and on behalf of Fabrik Partners Limited and 4 matters for an on behalf of Fabrik Acquisitions Limited.
Fabrik have a number of solicitors that they use to ensure that the transaction is moved quickly and we all have a very good working relationship and are, generally, able to meet the expectations of Fabrik and the other parties of the transaction.
Should you require any further information please feel free to contact me.

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Steven Jackson - Solicitor

Martin Kaye Solicitors

I am a property solicitor and have acted for Fabrik Property Group for 5 years now in respect of their property related transactions. Instructed initially whilst I was employed by Painters Solicitors and now whilst I am employed by Martin Kaye LLP. As part of their professional tea, Fabrik provide a steady stream of property related instructions to this firm.

Fabrik have strategically built up their business from when I first started to act for them to become a successful property investment company, advertising UK and foreign clients alike. They are a professional and pro-active firm seeking to provide an exceptional service to their clients.

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Wendy Beaumont - Associate Solicitor